booming economy

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Then-President Clinton was basking in the booming economy of the 1990s, ready, willing and able to accept accolades from anyone for that surge in prosperity.
The booming economy and arrival of foreign executives are driving demand and prices of rentals in Panama City, reports Prensa.
Summary: DHAKA -- Japan's Honda Motor signed a joint venture deal with Bangladesh's state-owned steel corporation BSEC on Thursday to assemble motorcycles for the South Asian nation's booming economy, officials said.
A trading port with a booming economy, Baltimore attracted waves of immigrants from Europe and by the beginning of the 20th century was home to more than 40,000 Jews.
India by the way has a booming economy and has said it does not want or need the money, so why give so much to a country that obviously does not need it when it could be spent here?
Resource stocks a little weak on the basis China is growing too quickly and they'll have to slow their economy, a twisted logic, to sell commodites because China will try to slow a booming economy, that booming economy will continue to demand our resouces.
ST PETERSBURG (Russia) Eoe1/4" Russia must limit the role of the state in its booming economy and make protection of private property its number one priority, a top member of Prime Minister Vladimir PutinEoe1/4aos government said yesterday.
He also unveiled plans to visit other countries to explore new ways of catering to Bahrain's booming economy and construction sectors.
BUSINESSES in Coventry and Warwickshire will be given information on how to capitalise on China's booming economy at a briefing next week.
India's booming economy means it has now overtaken the UK as the firm's biggest market.
Yes, a booming economy has only served to make us more greedy and we no longer know the difference between wanting and needing something.
Joyce Rawlings, who will accompany the group, said: "The Gulf States are a dynamic region of the Middle East with a fascinating history, rich culture and a booming economy.