bordering upon

See: proximate
References in classic literature ?
The sailing- ship, with her unthrobbing body, seemed to lead mysteriously a sort of unearthly existence, bordering upon the magic of the invisible forces, sustained by the inspiration of life-giving and death- dealing winds.
Before the reading of that letter was completed lions and lion-hunting had fled my thoughts, and I was in a state of excitement bordering upon frenzy.
I must admit that I was in a state bordering upon nervous prostration when I entered the -and-Club, in Algiers, and inquired for Mr.
Their rescue by the English tug was entirely probable; the capture of the enemy U-33 by the tug's crew was not beyond the range of possibility; and their adventures during the perilous cruise which the treachery and deceit of Benson extended until they found themselves in the waters of the far South Pacific with depleted stores and poisoned water-casks, while bordering upon the fantastic, appeared logical enough as narrated, event by event, in the manuscript.
The country bordering upon the river was frequently gashed with deep ravines, or traversed by high bluffs, to avoid which, the travellers were obliged to make wide circuits through the plains.
Bumble, turning out of the main street of the town, directed their course towards a scattered little colony of ruinous houses, distant from it some mile and a-half, or thereabouts, and erected on a low unwholesome swamp, bordering upon the river.
If, however, Bon-Bon was barely three feet in height, and if his head was diminutively small, still it was impossible to behold the rotundity of his stomach without a sense of magnificence nearly bordering upon the sublime.
Her stated enthusiasm for Sibelius's music, at times bordering upon flattery, and her well-meaning advice on yarions points concerning his health and career, at times bordering upon presumption, are on display throughout her letters.
Added to this the propensity to flatten that which the council no longer cares for has reached epidemic proportions and is bordering upon the absurd.
The recent emergence of new strains of staphlococcus Aureous (SA) in hospital environments has caused consternation bordering upon quiet panic.
What about those 'fun palace' teachers who are unnecessarily 'matey' with the pupils, calling them by nicknames, talking in the latest playground slang, dressing scruffily, and accepting from the pupils an over-familiarity bordering upon insolence, which invariably leads to disruption and a breakdown of discipline.