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Moreover, it is one of the few studies of this area to concentrate solely on the borderland.
Lithuanians on the Polish borderland and Poles on the Lithuanian, Belarusians in Lithuania and Poland are multi-level identity carriers.
I would add that A User's Guide to Postcolonial and Latino Borderland Fiction with its studies of works by Arundhati Roy, Amitav Ghosh, Zadie Smith, Hari Kunzru, Latino comic book author-artists such as Tejano Judge Margarito C.
The borderland space invites people into the alternate awareness that there is no safe home except the in-between space.
He turns to the local level for a fresh view on cultural interaction in the late imperial period--to the indigenous, merchant, and migrant populations who fashioned a new and ethnically diverse society on China's southwestern borderlands.
As the authors in Borderlands: Comparing Border Security in North America and Europe, a collection of essays on borderlands edited by Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly, argue, the nature of modern borders was, and is, to be porous.
This geographical location of the Spanish borderlands can be described by the Nahuatl word nepantla, an indigenous term meaning "the place in the middle.
What makes the novel so different from other immigrant literature, apart from the fact that "it operates within the upper echelons of economic status and power in the homeland", as David Mitchell argues in his essay "Immigration and Impossible Homeland" (Mitchell 1998: 29), is that instead of speaking for her ethnic group, Alvarez writes both "inside" and "outside" her group identity, by taking the problematics of cross-cultural and cross-class understanding, of borderlands if you will, as her subject matter.
Lithuanian-Polish-Belarusian borderland is the centre of Europe and during all period after disintegration of the USSR remains the centre of stability and safe coexistence of various ethnos occupying it.
Against a vivid backdrop of the rugged borderland of western China and Tibet, with its peaks, plateaus, and deserts, the plot centers on the search for someone who has murdered a beloved schoolteacher and is now killing off, one by one, a group of orphaned boys who are being sheltered by the herders.
The Long Road to Mazatlan 1999, one of his most acclaimed works, is a homoerotic Western that plays out its tensions against a hazy Texan borderland, as a young Venezuelan man yearns for a handsome cowboy.