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According to members of the Borders selection committee, Krauss did "a masterful job of interweaving many story lines, bringing them all together in a moving and meaningful way, and the ending is pitch-perfect, down to the last line.
Governor Janet Napolitano played a small but significant role in this incident, and has been otherwise engaged in the work of tearing down our borders.
Easily accessed through the local highway network and within a 15-minute drive for over one million customers, the new Borders store occupies a 25,000-square-foot portion of the ground level and first floor of the 680,000-square-foot lifestyle shopping complex.
This is the first Borders airport store to open in Phoenix Sky Harbor International and the second to open in Cincinnati, Ohio.
The two level, 26,000-square-foot store will also feature an expanded Spanish language section and will be the ninth Borders store in the Phoenix metro area.
Stille, who spent the last 19 years of his career as a supervisory agent in charge of four different Border Patrol stations on both the Mexican and Canadian borders, says: "I attribute the morale problem to the open-border policy by the Bush administration.
Mexico border to help federal agents, he said Thursday.
In an effort to address these problems, the NIEHS is working to establish the Binational Border Research in Disease and Geospatial Research (BRIDGE) Program.
Mexico border -- mostly from Brownsville, the Rio Grande Valley and El Paso, but occasionally from as far west as the San Diego-Tijuana line.
Showcases Net-Net Session Border Controllers Enabling Secure, Premium-Quality IP Communication Services and Applications for Mobile Operators
But it does make sense in light of the administration's Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) with the governments of Mexico and Canada that would effectively erase the national borders within North America on the path to forming the North American Union patterned after the European Union.

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