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You and I, dear boy, will lie at peace in the earth that bore us, and our names will disappear as surely as our work survives.
Whereas Lydgate was always listened to, bore himself with the careless politeness of conscious superiority, and seemed to have the right clothes on by a certain natural affinity, without ever having to think about them.
These little lively people always do attract the slow and heavy ones, which is nature's device for the neutralizing of bores.
But now, from what little I've seen of them, they strike me as a pack of ninnies, most of them, and ninety percent of the remainder as bores.
Finally, there were the self-styled reformers, the greatest bores of all, who thought that I was forever singing,--
An Empire bores me, so far, but I can appreciate the heroism that builds it up.
He's a maudlin, twaddling, selfish fool, and bores everybody who comes near him about the state of his health.
Inasmuch as every man,' concluded Mr Lightwood, with an indolent smile, 'appears to be under a fatal spell which obliges him, sooner or later, to mention the Rocky Mountains in a tone of extreme familiarity to some other man, I hope you'll excuse my pressing you into the service of that gigantic range of geographical bores.
But I think a trip like this would be an awful bore, if a body couldn't find anybody to get acquainted with and talk to on a trip like this.
Now," I said, "it has fared ill with those soldiers of the Black One who is gone, for I think that these are the shields they bore, and that their eyes once looked upon the world through the holes in yonder skulls.
Indeed, it was remarkable how well he bore these slights and with what unwearying politeness he kept on trying to ingratiate himself with all.
The letter I bore from them gained me immediate entrance to the vast, walled city.