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Why, boss, he's ben the pizenest kind of Free-will Babtis' for forty year.
Well, boss, you've kind o' got me, there--and yit you hain't got me so mighty much, nuther.
Now, Judge Latitat is MY boss, and a very good one he is, with the exception of his sitting so late at night at his infernal circuits, by the light of miserable tallow candles.
It is what my boss, the judge, sometimes calls a 'statu quo.
Pray, sir," said I, trembling lest my BOSS might be a colonel of the editorial corps, after all--"pray, sir," said I, "is it expected in this country that the wardrobe should entertain the political sentiments of its boss?
An hour or two later, I was removed from the line, properly ironed, and returned to my boss.
You do me a grave injustice," said the Boss, parting with a pair of tears.
They fell upon each other's neck, and at the conclusion of that touching rite the Boss had two watches.
When it comes to business and organization he's boss.
Volunteer just enough to show the boss you are a go-getter, but too much may alienate other employees.
Americans are still more likely to say they would prefer a male boss (33%) to a female boss (20%) in a new job, although 46% say it doesn't make a difference to them.
So if you're in charge, or if you aspire to be, you have a decision to make: Are you going to be the boss or are you going to be the leader?