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Surely it is better for a girl to be bossy than to be bossed around.
It does seem to me that having leadership skills is one of those areas in which women still have to be better than men in order to be recognized, because men can still get away with demanding followership without immediately being written off as bossy.
And aren't they just bossing the rest of us around by telling us we can't use the word bossy.
Therefore, if your child acts bossy with you, his friends or another adult, I would suggest you talk to him quietly, not making a big issue of it in front of other children and ask him to repeat his request in a polite manner.
Stars of the show were the three beautiful little girls playing the bossy fairies, consigning worn and battered decorations back to the box for not being up to scratch.
Bossy then traces the application and potential redefinition of this tradition in post-Reformation Italy, France, Germany, and England.
CLYDEBANK are keen to sign Didier Agathe's former Montpellier team-mate Fabian Bossy.
Neuman mask McCarthy dons in Bossy Burger, 1991, and the satiric tradition around Mad Magazine, even if the choice of the mask and its combination with a chef's outfit was not based on an elaborate plan but, as the artist informs us, was a spontaneous decision.
Bossy chooses not to pursue the latter development further, thereby stopping short of documenting the impact of Pietism and Methodism on the reconstruction of the moral tradition in the early modern era.
The message it conveys is that, for all the outcry that America is becoming too permissive with its children (which may well be the case), it's hardly noticed that society has become far too bossy with its adults.
Will opines from Washington, "The push for metrification does not merely reflect the government's primal urge to be a bossy nuisance.
Authoritative parents are not bossy," Baumrind says.