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BOTE, contracts A recompense, satisfaction, amends, profit or advantage : hence came the word man-bote, denoting a compensation for a man slain; house-bote, cart-bote, plough-bote, signify that a tenant is privileged to cut wood for these uses. 2 Bl. Com. 35; Woodf. L. & T. 232.

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Develop one industry-wide standard for bot prevention, so that platforms and publishers will be forced to follow high standards and monitoring procedures
These latest tools underscore ShieldSquare's commitment to a worldwide problem, and will educate online business owners about the risks involved from bots and web scrapers.
On the Internet, bots are the programs, also called spiders or crawlers, that access Web sites and gather their content for search engine indexes.
In technical terms, bots are programs controlling characters in autopilot and perform activities like any other playable characters except they kill monsters all over again, getting experience and gold without actual player control.
The measurements performed at the Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania revealed the following dynamics: in 2008, the total number of unique bots in Lithuania was equal to 1 715, in 2009--to 70 288 and in 2010--to 99 249 cases (Fig.
Decor-wise the Bot is fairly traditional, with tiled and wooden floors, sturdy oak pillars, brown leatherette banquette seating and wooden panelling a-plenty.
Rakan Saraiji, the Managing Director of BOT MENA, has been leading the operations of BOT's services in the MENA region with a business driven approach to setting up, restructuring and helping businesses to manage their PMO.
Bots can reportedly be used by the external attacker for a range of malicious activities, including performing a Denial of Service (DoS) attack against an organization's website and collecting confidential information from compromised computers, which can then lead to identity theft and/or distributing spam.
Rather than using the beacon to inform local bots where not to search, each bot can serve as the physical embodiment of a virtual PSO particle using local neighbor optimization.
According to security experts, Zotob--and thus the bot carried in its payload--was spread in large measure by poorly protected laptop computers that became infected, then passed along the bots when plugged into their corporate networks.
This forecast was released well before the Summer 2005 oil price hikes lending some substance to the BOT governor's assertion that oil price hikes were responsible for a slowing of Thai growth.
In its April 2005 meeting, the BOT chaired by President Jerry Wille instructed ASABE Executive Vice President Melissa Moore to contract with graphic artists to develop a number of different logos for consideration.