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A Holyrood petition was launched yesterday after one MSP described the redundancy botch-up as "robbery on a Farepak scale", a reference to the collapse of the Christmas club firm that cost customers millions.
THE other Bates' Motel, otherwise known as the new Wembley Stadium botch-up, .
WAYNE'S World star Dana Carvey is suing a doctor for pounds 5million over an alleged heart surgery botch-up.
In the latest botch-up, builders admitted on Tuesday that wrongly shaped windows were causing major delays to construction.
He flatly refuses to make any apology for his own botch-ups, namely selling off our gold reserves and plundering the pension pots.
It's the latest in a catalogue of botch-ups at Saughton.
Her family are set to sue Falkirk Royal Infirmary - at the centre of a string of botch-ups.
Now her distraught family are set to sue Falkirk Royal Infirmary, which has been at the centre of a string of medical botch-ups.
But the bombing of the Embassy was not just one more of the "oops missed" botch-ups.
AND speaking of police botch-ups, the Metropolitan Police are removing the word "yob" from their reports in case of offending anyone.
The Scots paid a huge price for giving away penalties following a series of line-out botch-ups.
And two in three think serious botch-ups should result in a jail sentence.