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In the second incident, had it been a clear case of Pronto One altering course off Here Comes Baby's heels and bothering Talara, you'd blame it all on Here Comes Baby.
Bradley left Monday's game in the first inning after he awkwardly hit first base while running out a groundball, and later hinted to reporters that the knee had been bothering him for some time.
Is De La Hoya's left hand still bothering him after two surgeries, one to the hand, one to the wrist?
Tracy also resisted the idea that Green's shoulder, which was surgically repaired during the offseason, might still be bothering him.
And with the minuscule number of voters bothering to vote in the council elections, it's not clear just whose voice the final councils will speak with or if anybody will bother to listen to them when they do speak.
His hamstring was bothering him, and he couldn't get going.