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Factors associated with bothersome pain included arthritis, heart and lung diseases, symptoms of depression and anxiety, low energy, disabilities that interfere with daily living and having less than a high school education, the study noted.
Hearing-aid evaluations are recommended for patients who experience documented, bothersome tinnitus associated with hearing loss.
This scar tissue causes an abnormal bend during erection and can cause problems such as bothersome symptoms during intercourse.
It is unknown whether certain symptoms are more bothersome than other symptoms and thus may beeome the target of symptom self-management.
The study is one of the first to examine how both men and women view harassment - whether they saw it as bothersome or frightening - and how these perceptions relate to their psychological well-being.
An audience member said, "The FDA requires now an improvement in [the] most bothersome symptom, which you recorded.
Hormone use of any kind, bioidentical or not, should only be used for symptom relief (severe hot flashes and/or bothersome vaginal dryness) and only at the lowest doses for the shortest time possible.
If attracting the attention of drivers to sites of construction for the sake of caution is the primary reason, then a single row of these bothersome studs would suffice.
The Olympic tradition of accommodation to dictators and their own institutional corruption are nearly as bothersome as China's flagrant disregard of human rights, openness and keeping promises.
As a Hmong American, it is bothersome when prevailing media and society, at times, can illustrate such distortion.
Some of the items that many patients found to be moderately to extremely bothersome were pain, fear, anxiety, lack of sleep, feeling tense, inability to speak/communicate, lack of control, nightmares, and loneliness.
With Oxy-View eyeglass frames, we have eliminated the bothersome aspects of wearing both eyeglasses and a nasal cannula simultaneously by providing a way to do both at once Call us today to find out more about Oxy-View oxygen therapy eyewear at 877-699-8439 and/or visit our website at www.