bound by convention

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We cannot afford to be bound by convention in our quest.
As such - Licensee ensures there in these premises CIRAD supplies of food, storage, preparation and distribution of meals to restaurants in Lavalette and Baillarguet for staff from CIRAD and the staff of agencies bound by convention at CIRAD.
The fact that Pipe even considered running stable star Grands Crus against Long Run in the Betfair Chase this Saturday suggests he is not bound by convention and this willingness to experiment, coupled with a meticulous understanding of the race programme - in his new column in last Saturday's Racing Post he noted that the next veterans' chase isn't until December 30 - is central to the excellent results he's been achieving.
It is, therefore, quite erroneous to conclude that the absence of a clear line of consistent precedents demonstrates that political actors are not bound by convention.
Using our unique understanding of the clientele and refusing to be bound by convention, our projects will be known for being the most stylish living experiences in the region and beyond".
He is a character, unafraid of authority and not bound by convention.
As he becomes bamboozled in turn by everyone from his servants to his wife,he visibly shrivels into just another sad, middle-aged, straying husband bound by convention, his wig and courtly clothes.
This programme, though, 75 Years of the Academy Awards: an Unofficial History,on BBC Wales, was presented by Jonathan Ross - hardly one to be bound by convention.
If nothing of fundamental value underpins society, then society itself unravels as a collection of atomised communities, loosely bound by convention, language and geography," he said.
Their first function is necessarily documentary, for they are bound by convention to record and report certain facts about the exhibition: what was shown, where and how it was shown, who the sponsors and curators and lenders were.
Bound by convention to Puritanical mores, early subject matter was limited.
The students enjoy he activity and, as they learn the process of relief printing, they also earn that artists use imagination as they manipulate materials-that they are not bound by convention or rules.