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Animal spaces are inherently beyond the boundedness of formal planning and the total human control of urban space.
In order to break out of the false cage of our boundedness, we threaten to enter onto a barren landscape without markers, where we and language go astray together.
This ensures the boundedness of V(t) for t [greater than or equal to] 0, and thus V(t) is well defined.
Guo, "Input-Output finite-time stabilization of linear systems with finite-time boundedness," ISA Transactions, vol.
Table 3 shows Polish equivalents of the selected English nouns, reflecting the schematic categories presented in Table 2, with the schematic boundedness, also included in Table 1.
If yes, this will give the boundedness of the vector-valued extension of the spherical maximal operators for n/n-1 < r, p < [infinity].
Read and Sharrock propose a quasi-existentialist answer: in their eyes, Kuhn's critics suffer angst over the cultural boundedness of all humanity, including scientists.
Keywords: Calculus of variations, Euler-Lagrange equation, boundedness of the solution.
Weakly connected nonlinear systems; boundedness and stability of motion.
deadlockfreeness, boundedness, interface compatibility, and liveness).
The other claims--proximity, level playing field, and boundedness --are less convincing, and today there seems to be little enthusiasm among Southeast Asianists for putting these forward.