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4, we immediately get uniform boundedness of all of those sequences.
The art of sound--music--is a crucial aspect of social boundedness and a cornerstone of festive performance.
After preliminaries, they cover analyzing the boundedness of motion, analyzing the stability of motion, the stability of weakly perturbed systems, and the stability of systems in Banach spaces.
Attraction relates to the idea of boundedness, the tendency of complex systems to stay within basins of attraction.
Even as the interiority and cultural narratives mobilized by the black room are part of a tradition, they did not square with the boundedness and conservatism that "traditional" implies.
One of the main mathematical tools, employed successfully for studying existence, uniqueness, continuous dependence, comparison, perturbation, boundedness and stability of solutions of differential and integral equations, is the method of integral inequalities [1, 5, 14-17].
Take "A Photograph on the Red Gold: Jersey 1867" (CCXXIX; in Small Tablaux, 1868), reflections on aesthetic limitations and boundedness based in an experience at Turner's elder brother Frederick's place on Jersey (that islanded enclosure):
Using the discrete determination time (DDT) method, they consider invariant sets and global boundedness of some algorithms, their convergence conditions, the relationship between a stochastic discrete time algorithm and the corresponding DDT algorithm using block algorithms, and the chaotic and robust properties of algorithms.
Discussing early modern conceptions of nation formation, Kate Chedzgoy describes the process as an "imagining of the English polity as combining a boundedness which secures the nation's difference from what is foreign--overseas--with an internal homogeneity which has to be strenuously produced in the face of profound cultural and geographical differences within the nascent state" (42).
For larger values of [epsilon], the distance of the fluid particle grows with time at much faster rate and hence we cannot predict the boundedness of its path.
In a sophisticated defence of the boundedness of tradition, institutional specifi city and leadership dependency, the principal authors argue their case.