bounden duty

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It becomes his bounden duty then to protect the past and forward the lessons from it to the future.
Even so, the editors offer a suitable homage au maitre by taking seriously his main precept--the historian's bounden duty to address his subjects by "seeing things their way"--while also placing a corrective lens on the curious astigmatism that impaired his own otherwise magisterial vision.
We are thrilled to be a part of this boom, there is so much of work and enthusiasm everywhere -- the expansion of Sparklet today is not a choice anymore but a bounden duty.
Badea Abu Al-Naja | Arab News <p>MAKKAH: It is the bounden duty of a Muslim to respect the marks of Islam and behave without violating the solemn atmosphere of the holy places.
But it is my bounden duty up to my last breath to try to protect India and the entire world from such a doom.
He added: "As the constituency MSP, not only am I absolutely entitled but I have a bounden duty under the parliamentary code to meet people on all issues of importance to my constituency.
But what a poor dismissal, trying a cheeky sweep against Anil Kumble when his bounden duty was crease occupation.
The Islamofascists have a fanatical belief that theirs is a holy mission, that incinerating infidels is their bounden duty.
It is your bounden duty to send a message to candidates that they must be fair to all the communities in the United States if they wish to rule the country.
Sabbah thus considers it his bounden duty to defend the rights of all the Palestinians, arguing that their rights should be equal to those of the Israelis (p.
These Americans abroad, without question, feel that it is their bounden duty to introduce American culture and share their heritage.