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For upon the bounteous earth Zeus has thrice ten thousand spirits, watchers of mortal men, and these keep watch on judgements and deeds of wrong as they roam, clothed in mist, all over the earth.
On many a high-leafed oak and thick pine he falls and brings them to the bounteous earth in mountain glens: then all the immense wood roars and the beasts shudder and put their tails between their legs, even those whose hide is covered with fur; for with his bitter blast he blows even through them although they are shaggy-breasted.
They eat, they drink, and with refection sweet Are fill'd, before th' all bounteous King, who showrd With copious hand, rejoycing in thir joy.
Tell her she has been most bounteous and our gratitude is extreme.
If the county's farmers have been displaced from their farms now, it will be silly to expect any bounteous harvest from them.
Aoun seized the occasion to thank the Kuwaiti Prince for his bounteous support for Lebanon.
Space exploration, a spirit of scientific enquiry, hunger for innovation and the pursuit of breakthroughs for a common global good are what mark societies that emerge as leaders and the sooner these requisites are integrated into the national consciousness, particularly for the upcoming generations, the more bounteous the knowledge harvest for the country.
Mazhar-ul-Haq Siddiqui insisted that the university was like a generous bounteous mother to university faculty and deserved to be treated and served as such.
The nameless flowers were flushed with bright golden colors with bounteous green at the edges.
This is exactly what your heart desires from an Aussie riesling, with a lovely entry from the crisp lime zest on the nose alongside some floral prettiness and almost a whole basket of bounteous citrus fruit on the palate, with limes accompanied by lemons and clementines, resulting in the juiciest rinsing of the palate.
Summer picnics in the park call for a bounteous cheese board.
The bounteous heritage provides a strong source of inspiration for art, music and literature.