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Here Phillip indicated that this other purpose was associated with Polynesian women at the penal colony being able to live the fruitful, contented lives that seamen and voyagers had observed of them: 'industrious' lives that had cultivated the Edenic resources of their 'happy island', that had bounteously refreshed those seamen and voyagers who had endured a long passage at sea.
What El Inca lacks in anthropological depth, it compensates for bounteously in human breadth.
It is not one of golf's unanimous convictions that Europe's management team for the Ryder Cup at The Belfry next year are bounteously endowed with intelligence, subtlety and tact.
The story, it seems, is never that life is improving, little by little, for most Nicaraguans, but that for a few, it's improving quickly and bounteously.
When the Comtesse meets her arch-rival, the bounteously endowed Madame De Plonge, she says: "What brings you to this end of the palace, fully clothed?