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By contrast to the Maudes' bowdlerization of "Sevastopol in December," their final translation of "Sevastopol in May" is almost perfectly faithful to its source, the War Stories text as emended by Tolstoy in 1886.
The focus on intercourse as the verboten act, coupled with the Bowdlerization of non-penetrative sexual experiences, has a paradoxical and ultimately harmful effect.
Indeed, Emanuel was probably in a position to begin the tradition of biographical bowdlerization by destroying incriminating documents of his father's as well as his own.
I suspect that such bowdlerization moves our God-talk farther away from, not closer to, the heart of most people's experience of relation to the divine.
Recent studies of the historical Jesus include Stephen Mitchell's best- selling Gospel According to Jesus (1991), a hyperrational Jeffersonian bowdlerization with twentieth-century pop psychology thrown in.
I am astonished that nobody has pointed out a much more suggestive bowdlerization by Bellow.
Aldington's return letter of June 28, as forceful as any he wrote to Prentice, began by detailing the relatively minor cuts Friede had made and ended by arguing against Prentice's bowdlerization.
It has to be recognized that bowdlerization of contentious or taboo elements is common and that both inaccurate, inadequate and pretty loose and free translation is a problem, especially where conceptually specific and philosophically technical language is used by Beauvoir.
The following description of the structure of Sebok's argument is, of course, an utter bowdlerization of Hegel's complex and arcane argument for the phenomenological development of "spirit.
Take, for example, the cancellation of an exhibition of erotic art by Robert Mapplethorpe at the Corcoran Gallery in 1989 and the bowdlerization of the Smithsonian Institution's fiftieth-anniversary review of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
This last has been thought to limit poetic imagination and freedom, which has caused the hymn to be despised by literary critics, while hymns have been prone to bowdlerization by those obsessed with orthodoxy (often their own) and `relevance'.
174, with some odd touches of bowdlerization, such as the marking for deletion of the Fool's song and badinage about 'The cod-piece' in m.