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In sum, what the modernizers did was to bowdlerize the faith and follow rituals in a way that barely distinguished themselves from contemporary Protestant practices.
While it is important to expose children to a diverse variety of age-appropriate storylines, it is reprehensible to bowdlerize of censor authors' works.
It seems to me that if you are going to bowdlerize, you shouldn't then criticize your contributors for not being sufficiently sexy.
The word attack may seem a bit heavy-handed, but what else can be said of the revelations in John Allen's account (see page 3) of a group that met behind closed doors in the Vatican to bowdlerize the inclusive-language biblical translations that scholars, liturgists and the majority of the U.
Thomas Bowdler, the English editor who around 1820 rewrote Shakespeare and the Bible to delete their objectionable passages, gave our language its word for arbitrary expurgation, bowdlerize.
or bowdlerize the beer with cheap ingredients and corner-cutting production methods.