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And thus, paradoxically, we get what ends up feeling like the "real" story instead of some approximation that has been bowdlerized in the name of good taste or legal caution.
There have been two very fine productions of this opera from Barcelona and Amsterdam released previously on DVD, in addition to a 1966 film of the bowdlerized version which stars Galina Vishnevskaya in a stunning performance, and all of them outshine this effort.
In fact, in its magnificent edition of Baum's Oz books (1985-2000), HarperCollins bowdlerized some parts of the books to eliminate racism.
She uncovers evidence of bowdlerized songs and poems that suggest a more Rabelaisian context for earlier life in Rannafast and, implicitly, for her own Gaeltacht adventures there.
Indeed, he has avoided the sometimes bowdlerized and narrow takes of many evolutionary psychologists, anthropologists, and sociobiologists to evolution and Darwin himself.
The latter he prefaces with a devastating defenestration of William Sharp's sloppy, bowdlerized The Life and Letters of Joseph Severn (1892), our only published source for this material until now.
1525 printing of Parliament of Fowls bowdlerized Chaucer's text, clothing the naked Beaute and emending Priapus to Priamus; that edifying proverbs were plentifully inscribed "upon walls, eaves, and 'the rouf of my lorde percy [the younger's water] closett'" (158) in the household of the fifth Earl of Northumberland.
Midlevel bureaucrats and scientists have historically testified (honestly) when Congress calls on them, but it turns out that no regulation prevents political appointees from keeping them muzzled and providing bowdlerized testimony in their place.
Without the sense, then, of something brilliant being bowdlerized, this already slight film runs out of fumes early.
The enterprising publisher then bowdlerized English texts for translation into Dutch to serve a strict Roman Catholic readership.
If this Bill is passed, we as a nation run the very real risk of reducing our democracy to a state similar to that bowdlerized impersonation of the democratic concept passed off by the Belarus government in their latest Presidential elections.
John tended to see Disney as part of a broader analysis of American consumer culture--fostering a passive, bowdlerized culture that succumbed to middle brow sensibilities in eviscerating the vitality, however crude, of old Coney Island.