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At 8 am the patient complained of "feeling sick" and the dayshift nurse noted a firm abdomen without tenderness and hypoactive bowel sounds, and notified the physician; MP's vital signs were 99.
On the basis of the new findings, "we recommend that assessment of postoperative ileus should not rely on bowel sounds, flatus, or bowel movement," said Dr.
These included the trauma that David had endured, the administration of morphine, the decreased bowel sounds, the vomiting episode the night before surgery, and the use of medications for bowel obstruction.
She was no longer passing flatus and there were no audible bowel sounds.
Traditionalists start with oral fluids for 24 hours, listen for bowel sounds and then pronounce the patient 'fit to eat'.
On clinical examination he had reduced breath sounds at the left base and hyperactive bowel sounds.
On physical examination, the patient had normal bowel sounds and mild left upper-quadrant tenderness to deep palpation but no masses, hernias, or organomegaly.
Her abdomen was soft with positive bowel sounds and tenderness in the right upper quadrant with deep palpation.
He maintained that when bowel sounds are not detected, standard protocols called for an LPN is to locate another nurse to listen for bowel sounds, and if none are heard, immediately notify a physician and immediately notify the resident's family as well as The Director of Nursing.
Staff at Arrowe Park will be given the opportunity to treat the futuristic Sim Man, who can simulate breathing, heart sounds, collapsed lungs, allergic reactions and even bowel sounds.