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The fresh boyish face was gone, the tenderness of the eyes, the sweetness of the mouth with its curves and pictured corners.
Alec was forty, the boyish love of teasing was not yet dead in him, and, being much elated at his victory, he could not resist the temptation of shocking Mrs.
I have little enough to do with her myself: we have not met for many years; but, I am well assured, she has not yet forgotten or forgiven either her former lover, or the lady whose superior qualities first opened his eyes to the folly of his boyish attachment.
His pretty, boyish face, with a twist of fresh grass bound round his hair, was all working with effort; but whenever anyone looked at him he smiled.
And yet his face was wonderfully little altered,--it was only a larger, more manly copy of the pale, small-featured boy's face, with the gray eyes, and the boyish waving brown hair; there was the old deformity to awaken the old pity; and after all her meditations, Maggie felt that she really
The deepening expression of pain on Philip's face gave him a stronger resemblance to his boyish self, and made the deformity appeal more strongly to her pity.
With his boyish grin and beefcake image, it's easy to forget that Schwarzenegger mastered strategic and tactical thinking in two other big-money venues: global bodybuilding and Hollywood filmmaking.
It is true that this column has slated mumsy Angela for failing to land any blows at Westminster on lightweight Steve Byers, the Trade Secretary with the boyish grin.
Kevin Symons has a boyish face and brings a less-than-hard-boiled manner to intrepid Sam Galahad, our ``two-bit keyhole peeper'' looking to crack the case.
Boyish Dan, 25, the grandson of former PM Harold Macmillan, is, of course, the boyfriend of Jade Jagger, the daughter of the band's spindly frontman Mick.
The singer and reality TV star, who won Dancing On Ice in 2009, is best known for his boyish looks.
As for the other candidates I can never rid myself of the impression when I see the boyish Andy Burnham that his mother dresses him for work every day.