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He had set them down as a set of landlubbers and braggadocios, and was disposed to treat them accordingly.
Zardari also wanted to rouse the sagged morale of party workers through sheer braggadocio.
The insatiable appetite for tales of President Trumps outsize ignorance, crassness and braggadocio has found a generous and highly seasoned feast in Michael Wolffs "Fire and Fury.
With such a braggadocio message, anyone whether in uniform or riding tandem, could just kill and the PNP chief would simply say to families, 'Move on na kayo, walang forever.
It discusses the importance of space in multilingualism research and studies on it, the ethnographic context of a night club and other spaces in Cape Town, the intertextuality of the rap braggadocio genre performed by emcees, the processes of entextualization in freestyle rap battles, the articulation of masculine ideology in freestyle rap performances, and femininity and participation by women.
After the bling, braggadocio and bumbling of the other teams, she was last seen hiding under a piece of rain-soaked tarpaulin in the middle of the forest, swearing like a docker and surrounded by what looked to be cans of gin and tonic.
I look forward to reading braggadocio reports on current production from the wind energy industry in tomorrow's Press.
In jest, Ball trolled father LaVar Ball during the commercial regarding his father's braggadocio and obsession with marketing the family name.
Romano Braggadocio is specialized in controversial inquests and used to do contract work for Cosa c'e sotto, one of Vimercate's magazines; he is also a compulsive conspiracy dreamer who discloses information for the development of the main story.
com)-- The production company, Doggma Uno, under the lead of founder/CEO and lead musical artist, Anthony Garcia is setting a precedent all on its own, and through its third solo release, "Optimo" the music is heavily characterized by "playful braggadocio, slick wordplay and catchy punch lines over a constant stream of dope beats," as stated by Anthony Garcia in a recent interview.
For serving up a big dollop of braggadocio spread over a couple of long, liquid lunches.
Beneath the braggadocio and 100 per cent Americanism was a socially insecure man who sought the company of foreign aristocrats, did not know what he really believed and felt the need to pad out his clothes" Journalist Petronella Wyatt after meeting Donald Trump