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He recalls much more than the horrors of combat, however, chronicling the diverse collection of heroes, professional warriors, shirkers, and braggarts that made up the American Expeditionary Forces.
Heartbroken Bantams players and manager Stuart McCall had to endure pathetic braggarts goading them and police made 12 arrests at the game - but Berylson (above) pointed the finger at inadequate crowd control.
It is not for liars, braggarts, and most especially merciless killers Mayor Duterte palaging pinagyayabang mo na marami kang pinatay, ngayon ito ay tinatanggi mo, he said.
Wolfgang Riehle has called Plautus 'the father of European comedy' and the latter's character Pyrgopolinices certainly begat a long generic line of stage braggarts.
TIME for The Apprentice to retire after its recent array of lying braggarts and the deluded.
Supreme Court ruling delivered Thursday is notable for its common sense - not the decision on the health care law, but the one protecting Americans' right to be contemptible braggarts.
Even those anti-war braggarts who had voted against the Iraq war were spineless when it came to supporting legal moves against the arch-warmonger who had caused it all.
What outraged me is the way he stereotypes all the African leaders, past and present, as a bunch of braggarts not worth any recognition--except "anti-imperialist heroes".
A library is braced for a rowdy time from braggarts, swashbucklers and brawlers.
Security researchers see 2005 as the year in which cyberattackers turned from braggarts to capitalists, with "the vast majority of threats .
Rowling's keen insight into all-too-human nature, including the flaws of bullies and braggarts, teenage heartbreak, and the adolescent emotions that can all too easily turn best friend against best friend.
Those good intentions actually drive customers away, because people don't like associating with braggarts.