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Each week a new segment of “Total Bragging Rights” is posted online at www.
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Since many MySpace profiles and blogs are whipped up off campus, and don't contain information on illegal activity, they're the equivalent of a kid bragging in the local McDonalds--irritating to those around him, perhaps, but tough to define as disruptive to school operations.
Margasak, the Chicago Reader critic, knew him as someone who went around town bragging about what a huge rock star this Yum-Yum record would make him.
Some employees may feel that bringing their own positive performance to their supervisor's attention will be viewed by others as bragging or shameless self-promotion.
Of course, bragging can also be negative if it is based on a false sense of pride or an attempt to put others down.
The stand out game was a close encounter between first placed Bangkok who were looking to extend their lead, against Dem Lads who needed a win to keep the pressure on the leaders The fierce rivalry between both sides is no secret, as bragging rights as well the the points were equally as important in this one.
YOU were disappointed with actor Ray Winstone for bragging about not paying tax.
Among other [pieces of] evidence, [Cudiamat] was overheard bragging to his friends about the Mayamy bus incident," Espina said.
All bragging rights from previous encounters will be superseded by whoever lifts that famous old trophy tomorrow.
Second thought: Bragging about Facebook friends is really lame.