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Neuman and Laura Braider as Business Development Managers for the New York office.
Brantley will ask the court to exempt her from the regulations and grant an injunction preventing the state from applying the rules to other hair braiders.
Part of a black hair care industry thought to be worth a billion dollars a year, African hair braiding salons, where braiders deftly twist and interlace strands of natural hair with synthetic extensions into striking hairdos, can be found in cities all across America.
39) The hair braider in this case had learned traditional hair braiding in her native Sierra Leone.
Adventure Mode: Is the ultimate challenge, with Thomas Braider, a famed archaeologist, guiding gamers on a full-on record-breaking romp through all five challenges.
They were fascinated at the breadth of our products from ignition wire, to Teflon braider suture threads, to air hose protection for jet fighter ejection seats, to the everyday common braid or rope.
Luis Ortega's Rawhide Artistry: Braiding In the California Tradition comes from an acclaimed rawhide braider of horse gear who made his craft a work of collectible art and fostered a generation of gear makers.
The DG, ISPR said six personnel of the armed forces, including Braider Anwar ul Haq and Lt.
I'm not a skilled braider, so I have two African women who come up from Manchester, New Hampshire once every two months to braid hair.
In between, there has been Longines Symphonette records, Hair Club for Men, Chia Pet, Suzanne Somer's Thigh Master, the Valley's own Tae Bo Billy's Bootcamp, Topsy Tail hair braider, Midnight Special DVDs, Seven Day Miracle Cleanse colonic, Shamwow instant towel, and Richard Simmon's Sweating with the Oldies exercise tapes.