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Hair braiding is big business in the US, and many female African migrants have made this multimillion-dollar industry their own.
Craig Goldman, R-Fort Worth, which passed the House last month, would exempt hair braiders like Brantley from having to obtain a cosmetology license to operate a braiding business.
Afro-kinky, Expression, Princess, Abuja Lines, Pony Tail, Pony Yaya and Sangita are some of the elegant hair synthetics favoured by women in Qatar for braiding.
Designed to help beginners acquire basic skills in a straightforward manner, Braiding Fine Leather, published by CORNELL MARITIME PRESS, INC.
Later, as I need to add to the strips while braiding, I sew the ends with a darning needle and #8 thread.
Our records and information indicate that braiding as reinforcement in hose manufacturing was introduced at the turn of the last century.
Slazenger's leading players' racquet offers both Henman and club players alike a performance enhancing technology, called Trinity Braiding, combined with a striking cosmetic.
In one experiment, some men braided hair; others did the more masculine-or gender-neutral-task of braiding rope.
Braiding is a lot easier to do and hair is easier to control when you have some grip.
The Fishtail Braid gives the illusion of being difficult and complicated, when in fact it is one of the simplest forms of braiding.
Add braiding or fur trim, using textile glue or sew on.