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income gap increases the brain drain, which in turn increases the income gap yet further.
And, 63 percent of university system graduates who attended North Dakota high schools remain in the state within one year of graduation, an indication that the brain drain has been staunched.
Physicians for Human Rights: An Action Plan to Prevent Brain Drain, http://www.
1 2) That literature has recognized that the brain drain does
The so-called brain drain has affected all of Africa's major social and economic sectors such as health and education as well as engineering, management, scientific research.
An academic study of science and engineering brain drain authored by Paul D.
BRITAIN faces the biggest brain drain for 40 years - because of university top-up fees.
The findings echo those of a 1999 study by the Indiana Fiscal Policy Institute that brought the issue of the brain drain to the forefront.
China has shifted its policies to address brain drain, and collaborating programs are doing their part to limit the chance they will contribute to the problem.
COLLEGES across Wales will suffer a catastrophic brain drain if Cardiff University becomes the Principality's main research centre, lecturers have warned.
Fortunately the children benefit from the brain drain from Afghanistan amongst the adult refugees.
A native New Yorker who has also lived in Europe and the Middle East, Buxbaum's feature for CE explores global solutions for the great brain drain plaguing the IT world.