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Nintendo's Brain Age video game, for instance, offers math-and-word challenges, while California-based Web sites such as MyBrainTrainer.
The brains of those with and without autism displayed comparable amygdala volume and brain-cell size, Schumann and Amaral report in the July 19 Journal of Neuroscience.
After all, brains grow better in the real world than in an artificial place called school (Westwater & Wolfe 2000).
Your brain controls your body, and your body affects your brain.
The other group had a procedure done so that dopamine was blocked from reaching the NAc region of their brains.
Explain to students that they are going to read about an experiment in which researchers used positron emission tomography (PET), a noninvasive imaging technique, to compare dopamine transporter (DAT) levels in the brains of methamphetamine abusers with those in non-drug users.
In so doing, they throw up roadblocks against any push for political authoritarianism or social engineering that might arise from increased knowledge of how brains work.
Today, brain research is starting to confirm what many educators have known intuitively for years: Children learn better and remember more when their studies are mixed with music and drama, experience, emotion and real-world context.
Any possibility of conflict between personal privacy and the development of technology for brain investigations is an extremely important concept in a free society, and we must take it very seriously and examine it carefully.
SPECT also scanned a group of Franciscan sisters at prayer and found they, too, experienced a calming of this "orientation area" of the brain, which gave them a "tangible sense of proximity to and merging with God.
Of these, three were diagnosed as having chronic brain syndrome, one as having Reactive behavior disorder.
He wrote that although healthy brains had made up 20% of all donations to the bank during its first five years, they have now dropped to an "alarming" level of 3%.