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Despite global acceptance of the violent nature of terrorist groups, Berman finds that terrorists are not merely theological brainwashers or psychopathic killers, but are also "people who are effective at providing humanitarian assistance, education, and healthcare to their own constituency" (p.
The dean arranges for a team of brainwashers to secretly manipulate Beth so that she becomes psychologically identical (in the relevant respects) to Ann.
50 for those who did not attend the masquerade ball; scheduled entertainment includes live music by the Brainwashers and DJ Dan-o-mite spinning dance tunes.
The Muslim community ( which cannot be blamed for the London attacks ( must take on the responsibility for weeding the brainwashers out and exposing them to security forces, if only because it is through their families and social networks that such men move.
The preachers and the teachers, the brainwashers and financiers who convinced these people that to murder and maim is a martyr's cause, are still amongst us, still spreading their poison.
Gone are the Communist brainwashers of the 1962 film, who controlled captured GIs by means of superpowerful Asiatic hypnosis.
It can be confusing if you rely only on the mass-marketing brainwashers.