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These zombies are also brainwashing adults and some folks even within Christian groups.
Sadly we have the British Brainwashing Corporation, a puppet of the English Labour Party as a First Minister and all our Welsh National Teams under threat.
This is not the first time parents have accused the monastery of brainwashing their sons into becoming monks.
Painted in a blurry, primarily wet-on-wet grisaille (the film, too, is in black and white) with hints of blue and lavender, the images show the ladies at one point sharing space with the captors, the fissures in the soldiers' brainwashing beginning to surface, as the setting changes from garden party to laboratory.
Encyclopedia Wikipedia defines brainwashing as "The application of coercive techniques to change the beliefs or behavior of one or more people, usually for political or religious purposes"; while Oxford Advanced Learners defines the act of brainwashing as "To force somebody to accept your ideas or beliefs, for example, by repeating the same thing many times or by preventing the person from thinking clearly.
All the book's model lessons aim to teach little children to withstand America's state-sponsored brainwashing and to open them up to the self-evident truths of feminism, environmentalism, and the Left's account of history.
Following in his dad's footsteps, Gordon attacked church-state separation on the air February 3, 2006, during a rant about pulpit-based politicking, telling viewers, "It's incredible the brainwashing that's happened in America today.
Astrid's parents fear they are the subjects of a brainwashing exercise for the amusement of TV viewers while holed up on an old military base in Suffolk.
My personal experience with over six years of reparative therapy was a cycle of guilt, shame, brainwashing, and fear--these are not qualities associated with successful psychological counseling.
What is the difference between brainwashing a young man into strapping high explosive to his body and brainwashing pilots to drop so-called 'smart bombs' on civilians in towns and cities below, killing tens of thousands The damage caused to those poor souls made me ashamed to belong to one of the nations responsible.