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Brainy is part of Norfolk Southern's "Train Your Brain" public railroad safety program, now in its sixth year.
CITY ESCAPE nClumsy, Papa, Brainy, Grouchy, Gutsy and Smurfette get stuck in New York
Brainy beauty: AJ did museum studies at St Andrews Sexpot: AJ at work
A team of school nurses and assistants, a community health development lead and healthy eating project workers arranged the Brainy Breakfast events.
The fact the winner went on to finish runner-up in the Group 1 Gran Cri-terium in Italy last weekend puts the task that faced Brainy Benny into perspective, and he once again ran very well in a good race at Newmarket last week.
Then Brainy called out as upward he flew, "If you should see Cackle, ask her to come, too.
Sporting a Liz Phair--parody cover shot, Sweet Chastity explores what it means to be a brainy exile in brawny beautiful gay guyville.
And he carves his characters sharply--an Iraqi coroner, a brainy, high-minded American lieutenant, the pro-war liberal thinker Paul Berman.
Upcoming reality programs include ``Survival of the Richest,'' a ``Beauty and the Geek''-style show matching up wealthy and impoverished young adults; ``Fountain of Youth,'' an ``Amazing Race'' hybrid, also from Kutcher, that pairs teens and ``senior citizens'' on a cross-country road trip (Janollari proved particularly elusive when asked for his definition of ``senior citizen'' - at the WB, that could mean 40), and Kutcher's reversal of ``Beauty and the Geek,'' teaming dim hunks with brainy women.
Five Below was founded in 2002 by David Schlessinger and Tom Vellios, the retailing masterminds that created and grew Zany Brainy into the 200-store, $400 million success story that was eventually sold to FAO Inc.
No one is more shocked than the shy, brainy Laura when Cupidity, the new (and gorgeous, too) girl, befriends her.
Jonathan Johnson, Hartshill's deputy head, who is the driving force behind the Brainy Box project, said: "These youngsters are the future 'captains of industry' and leaders.