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During 2014, the decision was taken to fully integrate the Brasher business into Berghaus from 2015.
MILE-STONE Chris Brasher leads Roger Bannister followed by Christopher Chataway during the 'miracle mile'.
Brasher, based in Sydney, joined Credit Suisse in March last year from Deutsche Bank (NYSE: DB).
Heidi Brasher provided nuptial music and was also a vocalist with her husband Brian Brasher.
OF ALL the athletics gold medallists at the Olympics, Chris Brasher made the biggest splash in the racing world.
And, appropriately, the skiff in which he will travel on the 27th will bear his name, having been bought from money raised through the London Marathon, the massive event which John and his friend Chris Brasher launched 31 years ago.
8 In which event did London Marathon co-founder Chris Brasher win Great Britain's only track Gold Medal at the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games?
UK boss Richard Brasher quit last week after the pounds 500million Big Price Drop campaign he masterminded was branded a flop.
Leahy and then chairman Sir David Reid opted to anoint the energetic Clarke over the more cerebral Brasher, largely due to Clarke's success in piloting Tesco's non-UK business into a profit generator as big as Sainsbury's or Asda.
Brasher quits after Price Drop flop TESCO were hit with fresh controversy yesterday after the boss of their UK operations quit.
Brasher planned the first London Marathon on March 29, 1981, with Olympian John Disley, after being inspired by New York's marathon in 1979.
The six students will be featured in a dream sequence on ``Kate Brasher,'' earning $150 for the five hours it took to film a two-minute scene of them playing their violins and making funny faces.