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asked Turlington, retorting Launce's question on him, with a harsh ring of defiance in his brassy voice.
The slick production is as big, brassy and jazzy as you'd expect, and fans of Dame Shirley will not be disappointed.
Created from Condor leather they feature a brassy lock, carry handle and cross body strap making them perfect for hands-free moments.
Tchaikovsky was so successful in telling a story musically and conjuring up characters through the themes in the music--from the magical atmosphere of the lake to the brassy pomp of the royal court," he says.
Tonight the focus turns to the entertainingly brassy Sydney - the girl who just loves following all the latest fashion trends no matter how little they suit her.
When brassy Doreen is taken on as barmaid, it is not long before lustful Eddie takes off with her, leaving his wife to run the pub with hired help.
And with collaborators The Earlies in all their brassy glory (large tuba included), plus sidekick Pictish Trail, there was barely enough room on stage for nine musicians.
The ensemble has played to sold-out houses in Hong Kong, Istanbul, Glasgow, Brussels, London, Paris and Montreal, to name a few centers where the band has toured, bringing salsa to folks who may never have experienced the brassy, syncopated sound in person.
Ballsy, brassy, lads' mag favourite Sarah Harding whimpered: "Don't antagonise him Cheryl.
She was a million miles away from the brassy blonde we all came to know.
THEY'RE bold and brassy and whatever you may think about these dazzling bulbs, they will always stand out in the home, with their huge funnel-shaped flowers.
Hutton brought a brassy vitality to Hollywood musicals such as Annie Get Your Gun.