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Bravado Cartel - Shane Whitton (drums), Jack Manning (keyboards), Karl Woolston (lead guitar), Jonathon Armstrong (bass) and Will - were interviewed and played live sets on Villen's Den on Boston Free Radio and on WEMF Radio with Dave Crespo.
Siguro yan naman, we should take it as bravado rather than a serious threat na pag ginawa mo yun, papatayin kita (As for that, we should take it as bravado rather than a serious threat that if you do that, I will kill you)," he said in a radio interview.
Bravado is excited to expand our partnership with Brush Buddies; the category leader in singing toothbrushes," says Tom Bennett, CEO of Bravado.
8220;We are pleased to be a part of this project and thankful to have Bravado International Group involved for their professionalism and expertise with both branded entertainment and Justin Bieber.
A spokeswoman for Syco and Bravado said: "This paper has our full support.
Boast and bravado is a really bad idea in politics.
However, Khan, 21, believes the bravado from Prescott, whose record shows 17 knockouts in 19 wins, points to his weakness rather than his strengths.
Bully Sam (Clarke) uses intimidation to remain top dog while Trife and his pals are full of false bravado.
Sale leader at 10,000gns was the day's reserve senior champion, Thrunton Bravado, a 19-month-old bred and exhibited by the Campbell family, Ian, John and their father, Colin, at Thrunton, Alnwick.
That's not bravado - that's fact as far as I'm concerned.
We would fight any of them again over 10 rounds and that's not just bravado.
Al-Farik withstands some brutal interrogation with grim bravado -- He warns his questioners, ``Your world is never going to be safe again until you make peace with Islam on our terms.