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What do you seek with me, fair little Spirit, that you come so bravely here amid my ice and snow?
As to the female who had so bravely defended her husband, she was elevated by the tribe to a rank far above her sex, and beside other honorable distinctions, was thenceforward permitted to take a part in the war dances of the braves!
But the external situation--she will face that bravely.
Therefore it beseems us as true knights to prick on bravely, not idly weep because we cannot now recall.
During the evening we played innumerable games of piquet, and bravely, not to disappoint my efforts, he tried to appear interested.
Breakfast, I hope," he answered, smiling bravely in an attempt to allay her fears.
We have all been interested in Ojo," the little Wizard continued, "because his love for his unfortunate uncle has led him bravely to face all sorts of dangers, in order that he might rescue him.
On the back of his brown curls sat a flat-brimmed, round-crowned hat in which a single plume of white waved and nodded bravely at each move of the proud little head.
Right bravely the Ancient Mariner drove to the Bronx in a taxi, registered his "Charles Stough Greenleaf" in an old-fashioned hand, and took up anew the activities which for years had kept him free of the poor-farm.
We had better bear our troubles bravely than try to escape them.
When he fretted, she was patient; when he growled, she ploughed bravely through the hard pages not dry to her in one sense, for quiet tears dropped on them now and then; and when Mac fell into a despairing mood, she comforted him with every hopeful word she dared to offer.
We all smiled bravely and waved our hands as they drove out of the lane and down the moist red road into the shadows of the fir wood in the valley.