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The Pawnee republicans had inflicted a gross indignity on a favorite and distinguished Omaha brave.
We'll drink to O'Dowd and the brave --th," said he, bowing gallantly to his guest.
They must have sturdy arms to row, and brave hearts to encounter perils, or we shall never win the Golden Fleece.
He required hard cash in return for some corn with which he supplied the worthy captain, and left the latter at a loss which most to admire, his native chivalry as a brave, or his acquired adroitness as a trader.
No friend could have done more, for even in war, which severs for a time all the sentiments of human fellowship, this subtle bond of association remains between brave men - that the final testimony to the value of victory must be received at the hands of the vanquished.
With him they came, fleet of foot and wearing their hair long behind, brave warriors, who would ever strive to tear open the corslets of their foes with their long ashen spears.
exclaimed Hiram; “why, this is Judge Temple’s dog Brave.
yes, until that brave gentleman is roasted -- is that what you mean?
She faced him with as brave and resolute a face as did the young man, who turned slowly, fixing De Montfort with level gaze.
And Michael, who with a single careless paw-stroke could have broken Cocky's slender neck and put out for ever the brave brightness of Cocky's eyes, was careful of him from the first.
Buvons my brave lads; you shall each empty a stoup with me.
Come to Quito and I will show you the brave sport of men, the toreador and the bull.