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Easy Computer Sync is available for purchase directly from Bravura Software at http://www.
Gershon said: "I am excited to take on this new role and am delighted to be joining the Bravura team.
She is highly regarded for the energy and exactitude of her allegro work, which she executes with a center so calm that she sometimes makes bravura steps look too easy.
They instead offered up a rare show combining celebrity bravura with hilarious ego-puncturing.
It's a bravura performance that becomes an end in itself, an abjuration that comes to seem both wise and inevitable.
Bravura debuts this month from Calina Winery, the culmination of a decade's search by Kendall-Jackson for the finest red wine vineyards in Chile's coastal growing regions.
And he gives his Sorcerer, performed with dash and maniacal triumph by Cyrille de la Barre, bravura dancing to rival that of the Prince, setting him up as a foil.
Bravura stacks of snowballs made out of Styrofoam, cheesecloth, plaster, spackle, and gesso aim most directly at the ever-changing history of realism and reveal Stoll's Hollywood background.
I'm a bravura dancer and he gave me the softness and delicacy to do swans.
soliloquy delivered with such quiet fury), rather than the bombastic track we might expect this most bravura of actors to take.
Modeled on an actual fallen scoreboard from a hockey arena pictured in a photograph in the show's back room, Hanson and Sonnenberg's Scoreboard, 2003-2004, is a piece of sheer bravura, a tangle of tilted planes and sprung wires that made a thing, unremarkable when intact, into a ruin rich with lyrical fascination.
Michael Chabon's combination of bravura imagination, humanity and storytelling might is unmatched," said Potter.