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They were all foreigners and no Kuwaiti was involved in the brawl," the source added.
After brawl, child emergency and other key wards were closed as doctors staged protest and boycotted from their sensitive job.
A brawl erupted between Tanrykulu and Yakut and it grew after AK Party's Mahir E[pounds sterling]nal also intervened.
The brawl took place on the sidelines just yards from spectators, including families and children.
Even if the driver had wanted to keep the doors closed, there is an emergency release lever for the doors in the train; and the people involved in the brawl might have trashed the train, which would have meant it being withdrawn from service.
The Sharjah Public Prosecution investigation into the brawl that led to the death of two Bangladeshi nationals revealed that two prime suspects in the case have fled the country.
Fans said substitutes ran from the dugout to join in the ugly brawl.
The security of the club, Beiber's bodyguards and friends got involved in a serious brawl in the club's parking lot, after the teen popstar was taken out after his earlier altercation, sources have revealed.
The source said two people died of gunshot and stab wounds in an initial brawl in the Moski area in Old Cairo and 13 more were killed after the shop they took refuge in was set on fire.
Eyewitnesses reported seeing a large brawl involving a gun, which police later confirmed was an imitation firearm.
This brawl was by no mean rhetorical or just scathing remarks: actual punches were thrown and set several lawmakers on each other as they both joined the fight and attempted to break it up.
Details of the mass brawl emerged as city licensing chiefs decided to close the bar late on Tuesdays and introduce new police controls throughout the week.