breach of duty

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If a company is solvent, an apparent breach of duty by the directors can be formally waived by the shareholders.
Employers who operate a confidential counselling service were unlikely to be found in breach of duty by the courts.
The consequence of that breach of duty was the payment to Mr Shaw of the unlawful salary increase and commensurately enhanced redundancy and retirement benefits by the council and the county council.
The suit against Permian was filed in the 34th District Court for El Paso County, Texas alleging that Permian breached various contracts with the partnership and numerous other causes of action seeking damages for usury (for which the petition alleges Permian owes the partnership approximately $480 million), fraud, duress, conversion, breach of fiduciary duty, tortious interference with contractual relations, breach of duty of good faith and fair dealing and negligent misrepresentation.
Fornaciari has handled trials nationwide, involving antitrust claims, RICO claims, fraud, freeze-out mergers, breach of duty, conspiracy, mail fraud and wire fraud.
The couple claimed that as a consequence of the death they sustained severe personal injuries, nervous shock and damage because of the negligence and breach of duty by the hospital.
Further, as explained by the leading expert in Maryland corporate law (Hanks), the facts at issue simply do not establish a breach of duty by the directors and officers of ULLICO.
The pair, who were part of a group of five prisoners, will sue separate parties for negligence, breach of contract, breach of duty and personal injuries.
The suit, which also names AmeriPath's board of directors, alleges a breach of duty to shareholders.
The NHS Trust admitted breach of duty, but disputed this "caused" Mr Pascall's death.
In addition to breach of contract, the suit alleges breach of duty, diversion of business to an affiliated company, misappropriation of proprietary information, and other misconduct by Liberty Life during an exclusive contractual marketing agreement between Liberty and AHA.
But the trustees say it would be a breach of duty to sell.

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