breach of faith

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He added: "If this proves to be true it would be a staggering and unprecedented breach of faith with the Irish parliament and Irish people on Budget plans.
Two inquiries, in London and New York, tried, without success to determine whether Ismay knew there were women and children still on board when he jumped into a lifeboat, but in the madness and mayhem of the moment, clarity was absent and he was condemned as having committed a breach of faith against mankind.
Retail investors in Coal India will obviously lose heavily and may even approach the courts for this breach of faith.
At the Police Federation annual conference in Bournemouth, leader Mrs Berry went on: "Your decision not to honour the pay award was a breach of faith.
of California-Berkeley) proclaims Jayson Blair's plagiarism at the New York Times to be the worst breach of faith in the recent history of journalism.
What such documents insist upon above all from government is adequate representation, the failure of which constitutes a breach of faith or trust.
In the end we have to rely on trust, and sometimes it means we make mistakes and sometimes a breach of faith means we end up alone.
1/2 Breach of Faith Hurricane Katrina and the Near Death of a Great American City By Jed Horne
This breach of faith broke the bonds of cooperation and loyalty that supported state power and led to the decline of royal authority in the seventeenth century.
This has obviously not been the case and those involved in this shameful incident should be investigated and face serious punishment for a massive breach of faith.
The selection of Bob Iger is yet another example of this Board's breach of faith.

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