breach of law

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It is not possible to prove a breach of law and take action when consumers make purchases and are deceived," they stated, adding "in most cases, the sellers are not companies but individuals and the payment by consumers for the purchases are not made to a company, but a courier service.
Counsel of Axact opposed the decision of the court, saying that permitting to move the accused to Islamabad is a breach of law.
ISLAMABAD -- Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has remarked the respective forum be approached on the matter of breach of law and constitution by former President Parvez Musharraf as the relevant forum can give better decision on this count.
A pounds 124 per hour fee (reduced from pounds 133 per hour) would apply when there is a material breach of law requiring a formal regulatory intervention through a letter, email, instant visit report or notice of prosecution (up to the point that court proceedings start).
But the report blames Switzerland's restrictive asylum rules at the time and recommends nobody be punished for the breach of law.
First outlined is international protection against unfair competition and protection on the Community level, followed by laws regarding regulation of advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, risk of confusion, disparagement and defamation, misappropriation and imitation, impediment of competitors, breach of law, and enforcement in the Member States.
Having sex with the president of the United States is not a breach of law whether it occurred in the White House or any place else, unless, of course, it occurred in a state in which the act of adultery is a crime.
Dhoni, the captain of India's one-day side, donned a pair of gloves at the start of Australia's innings which had extra webbing between the thumb and forefinger, a breach of law 40.
It is said in the order that the land of these two sectors have been acquired for housing scheme under Government Employees Housing Foundation and construction of any muddy or bricked houses or any alteration therein for the sake of increasing compensation of built up property in these two sub sectors is breach of law.
This is not only sheer breach of law but also is adversely affecting Pakistani films.
Making transfers in this way is breach of law and constitution.
TheCeRTA has introduced a new app enabling parking inspectors in Dubai to "quickly identify" drivers in breach of laws governing the use of public car parks.