break apart

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Our study is helping us to see that the history of the rift is really important for determining the level of volcanic activity when plates break apart.
When these two plates suddenly break apart and slide past each other, energy is released.
The Elders, including one who spent six weeks trapped on an ice floe in 1963, moved the group to a section of old ice which had been floating in the ocean for more than one season and was less likely to break apart.
The new FDA-approved Vysis ALK Break Apart FISH Probe Kit for XALKORI detects a specific rearrangement in the ALK gene using a technique called fluorescence in-situ hybridization (FISH).
Tests also showed that a vitamin E tablet failed to properly break apart, taking 128 minutes to disintegrate in solution rather than 30 minutes or less as required by the U.
So, instead of acting as a passive probe of hydrogen at the end of the Dark Ages, as a gamma-ray burst would, a distant quasar may primarily be revealing its own capacity to break apart hydrogen atoms.
Those molecules break apart within seconds, and when they do, the bacteria literally explodes.
com, White Plains, NY, has reported that more than half of the cholesterol-lowering supplements that it recently purchased failed to contain their listed ingredients and/or could not adequately break apart to release their contents.
The Helios prototype, a flying wing, began to break apart and crashed into the ocean about 30 minutes into a check-out flight over a U.
In the new method, the researchers first use the sun's infrared radiation to heat molten sodium hydroxide mixed with water to oven temperatures that prime the water molecules to break apart.
Grim constructions, floating in an unlikely palette of sweet, luminous colors, drift in undifferentiated space, break apart, and reconfigure into strangely beautiful hybrid organisms that suggest not a rational institution (as the death penalty's supporters would have us imagine it to be) but rather an effect of chance interactions or cancerous growth.