break away

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Break Away II Sports Lounge is located at 13726 Pennsylvania Avenue, Hagerstown, Maryland 21742 and provides you with music, brews, custom drinks, full menu of food and and areas for large parties.
Carmarthenshire County Council's chief executive Mark James said: "They couldn't break away.
The council's Labour cabinet voted unanimously to support the deal which allows Moor End to break away on June 1.
Should the north of England or most of London break away as well then?
If it was used and the surface has not been stabilised you will find the new paint surface break away as the distemper loses its bond.
that lesbians and gays should break away and form their own church and that they have no courage.
Stone Ridge at Fairfield is the first residential development in Connecticut to break away from the traditional, cookie-cutter condominium design and combine incredible craftsmanship with amenities, conveniences and comforts normally reserved for some of the finest residences around the world.
Even when his "holoclam" disappears, he can't break away from his desire to do nothing but watch TV.
At this point, the fluid compresses the gas, expanding the system and all owing the comb or grate to temporarily break away and eliminate the harmful object from the chamber.
The island's government is insisting on another referendum, possibly later this year, to break away from the federation with St Kitts.
First of all you've got a health and safety issue about staff who are working on track sides then being asked to take a meal break away from the main depot where there are no washing facilities, no toilet facilities, and nowhere to prepare a hot cooked meal.
Any permanent change must involve children, so they learn how to break away from the past and address new challenges with fresh perspectives.