break camp

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They break camp in Arizona after a March 16 game and travel to Australia for a pair of regular-season games in Sydney against the Arizona Diamondbacks on March 22 and 23.
We should be grateful an elite athlete remains so in thrall to his coach, Ivan Lendl, that he refused to break camp, and his preparations for next month's Australian Open, to let a 12,000 audience fawn all over him.
Be sure to checkout classes for the Science Center's spring break camp, Science in the Park, for students K-5th grade at http://goto.
Weaver backs off statement: One day after saying he was told he might not break camp with the team, Jered Weaver backed off that statement, saying he is focused on making his April 6 start at home against the Oakland Athletics.
We also held a March break camp this year, where the attendance was double our expectations.
From Dunfermline's summer break camp in Magaluf,Yorkston confirmed that Milne had been in contact late Monday afternoon.
A Spring Break Camp offered more conflict resolution sessions and a field trip for the children to help others (e.
On Saturday morning the conference attendees will break camp in Post Falls, head for Wallace, and attend a day of mine surface plant tours, including the Bunker Hill, New Jersey, Sunshine, Galena and Lucky Friday mines, a walking tour of Historic Wallace, and a seminar hosted by David Bond, author of "The Silver Pennies.
UO Youth Enrichment and TAG is offering an on-campus, no-school day for grades one to six and a spring break camp for grades K-3 on March 13.
Just because you break camp doesn't mean the camp mentality is over with," center Dan Koppen said.
The mother of Tupac and founder of the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation also announced the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the LEADERSHIP & ARTS CAMP by adding an Atlanta Spring Break Camp and announcing expansion into California for the first time to host Camps this summer.