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Based on the fees and expenses, we determined that the CNN contract would break even sooner than the Big Brother project.
To break even in 2006/7 we either need to obtain extra funding or, like any other organisation where costs exceed income, steps have to be taken to reduce expenditure.
The firm said that it was expecting to break even two years ahead of its initial target.
There's absolutely an urgency to break even and go way past break-even.
FirstRand Bank India, a unit of South Africa-based FirstRand Bank, is looking to break even by the next fiscal.
Scott, chief executive officer of Carolina Freight Corporation (NYSE: CAO), in an appearance before the New York Society of Security Analysts Motor Carrier Analysts Group stated today that the company is likely to break even or sustain a small loss for its second quarter which ends June 19.
The slight ticket price increase expected in 2004, however, will be adequate to take budget airlines back to pre-2001 unit revenue levels and return them to business as usual while network airlines struggle to break even.
Global Banking News-3 April 2009-Deutsche Postbank to break even in Q1, CEO(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
Just 11 more levels down and you will need over 6 billion new members for the 10th level to break even.
The company said it expects revenues in the range of $235 to $242 million, with an overall loss to break even for the year.
In a county that ranks in the state's Top 10 in unemployment and with most of my reimbursement coming from TennCare, I have to deliver 66 babies to break even.
Global Banking News-12 February 2009-Kotak-Old Mutal insurance JV to break even in fiscal 2010(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.