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RANK. The order or place in which certain officers are placed in the army and navy, in relation to others, is called their rank.
     2. It is a maxim, that officers of, an inferior rank are bound to obey all the lawful commands of their superiors, and are justified for such obedience.

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Whitchurch and Tongwynlais councillor Brian Griffiths, who chairs the council's public protection committee, has been warned not to break ranks again.
While none of them supports the Federal Marriage Amendment--not to my face, at least--none of them is willing to break ranks with the Republican Party over it either.
If there is a strike, the Rb URGES buildings not to break ranks by capitulating to union pressure, or by signing 'you too' agreements that representatives of the union may offer.
Of the remaining eight rotating members, newcomers Susan Bies and Mark Olsen are unlikely to dissent: New governors generally don't break ranks in their first year while they feel their way around the organization.
The Republicans don't have enough votes to convict him and the Democrats won't break ranks to help them do so.