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It was assumed that gift card usage is high within these six lines of trade and, therefore, there was a high potential for breakage activity.
Paramount to understanding the decision to recognize breakage income is to realize that the recognition decision is left solely to the retailer; the determination will be different for each retailer and can change over time (Sheehan, 2009).
8] specimens reaches close to final fracture, fracture behaviour is changed from matrix cracking and de-bonding to fiber breakage and then b-value for total AE is changed.
The trials of the new technology showed a reduction in breakage levels through the machine to less than 3 percent.
SEC guidance considers the specific identification and homogeneous pool methods as acceptable methodologies for recognizing breakage revenue.
Coffee manufacturers and their suppliers can use a variety of test trials to determine the appropriate speed to meet quality and productivity requirements, h is also important to note that the ease of breakage can vary widely depending on the attributes of the granulates.
For example, instructors might want to defer discussion of breakage if they will be covering quality of earnings issues or ratio analysis later in the course.
No patient needed re-operation and there was no plate breakage.
There is, however, potential risk of injury and/or infection due to accidental breakage of glass capillary tubes.
It is said to make toughened products easier to cut and hole-punch; it reduces scrap from product breakage; and less breakage means fewer sharp edges to injure workers.