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Globally, it was launched in the year 2000 to change and minimise the rate of breakage, which we were recording on the regular glass.
The new soft landing system is designed to fit the Sortex FAD range of Buhler optical sorters, helping to minimise the breakage of whole raspberries and ensuring maximum gentle handling of the product during the sorting process.
Although students might think of liabilities as unfavorable because they represent an obligation to sacrifice resources in the future, an increase in this unearned revenue account portends increased sales in the future as these cards are redeemed (or expire and contribute to increases in breakage revenue estimates).
Though dogs are the worst offenders, cats knocking things off mantelpieces and flying budgies also clock up a fair share of breakages, according to LMG's research.
The management meanies at One Devonshire Gardens kept around pounds 500 in tips to pay for breakages.
Primary osteoporosis is a disease of post-menopausal women and the elderly, who, due to reduced bone mass, are at substantially increased risk of bone fractures and breakages.
Each 'Sputnik' was fitted with a butterfly valve, and because the outlets are close to the gr ound, breakages were occurring because of the temptation for operators to open and close the valves with their feet.