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So she is defining herself, accepting herself, and breaking away from the expectations of others--all worthy themes in a YA novel.
In Breaking Away, the racially motivated attack on four black students on the eve of their sorority's Founders' Day celebration breaks the silence on strained race relations in collegiate environments and American society in general.
Whether a woman's breaking away is seen as a positive or negative, Fried adds, "depends on how she's viewed.
In a shot taken 11 days later, part of the shelf had started breaking away.
Above, two triangular concrete slabs float lightly, tilted upward and breaking away from the building.
By breaking away from the simple set-top box function in converting digital broadcasting into the analog signal, the PVR has been accepted as the representative high value added product.
Contract notice: Building a new residential care center after breaking away from existing buildings - destiny fixed furniture phase 1.