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Of those who prepare themselves for breakup calls, 1 in 3 of Americans would script what they're going to say during the call, with women (44%) more likely to script than men (31%).
Just slightly warmer springs with unexpected snowfall declines - rather than warmer winters or increasing river discharge, as previously suspected - can drive earlier-than-expected ice breakup in great Arctic rivers.
For a university student who identifies as Christian, a non-marital romantic breakup may be readily appraised as more than merely human rejection and betrayal.
Each of the coaches participating in Post Breakup Wakeup have experienced difficult breakups or divorces or worked extensively to help women successfully navigate this transition in their lives.
Not surprisingly, the amount of breakup distress is thought to be related to the closeness and the duration of the broken relationship.
Those contemplating a business breakup also should consult the charter documents of the business to determine if these documents contain any provisions that may affect how the business separation is structured--for example, right of first offer, right of first refusal or mandatory buyout.
It takes some serious gumption to get back out there when a breakup has knocked the wind out of you.
Solar heating may also be responsible for the comet's breakup.
They are accustomed to emotional breakups and able to protect the weaker spouse from injustice, says Jennifer Pizer, senior staff attorney in Los Angeles for Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund.
The possible lawsuit involves a USD4m breakup fee, which called for USD3m going to Aloha and USD1m to Turnworks Inc, a Texas-based company working to merge the two carriers.
Nearly all oil companies' stock went up in that period, not because of the breakup but because of rising demand and technological breakthroughs.
The premise of the package is to allow firms to defer payment of taxes on the sale of assets to new corporate entities they are to form, whether such a sale is necessitated by a breakup or merger.